Award Winning Burgers


For many years visitors from all over the world, and especially from Latin America, have enjoyed our flavorful hamburgers. And not just the great taste: they have also enjoyed our legendary great service. In light of the success that San Diego Burger Company has had selling and distributing authentic hamburgers in Southern California, San Diego Burger Company is ready to undertake a new project: international expansion. To this effect, we have designed the economic model of franchises, including both the brand San Diego Burger Company itself and the business structure that includes products, services, strategies, and marketing plans, manuals and quality controls and standards of operation, which have been key to our success.

Therefore, to those interested in developing their own business in Central and South America, we would offer the support of our franchise: a proven brand and a proven product. Our franchising agreement will include the requisite management and administrative instruction and advice required for the successful operation of our brand. And of course, the agreement will involve the exclusive rights to commercialize San Diego Burger Company’s products in the franchisee’s jurisdiction. Currently, we are only interested in franchising in Central and South America.

Please contact us for more information about this excitement business opportunity.